The Swiss Young Immunologists Society (SYIS) aims to build a network of young immunologists in Switzerland to defend our interests and increase our visibility on National and European levels.

The SYIS is supported by the Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology (SSAI) and is part of the EFIS Young Immunologist Network (yEFIS).

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Is there a recent scientific/career-related breakthrough you would like to showcase to your fellow immunologists?
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The SYIS successfully organized its first SYIS Annual Symposium! It took place at the ETH Zentrum Audi Max on 23 May 2022.

SYIS Seminar series

The seminar sessions will be interchanging between Science and Soft-Skills seminars. These sessions will be taking place every other Thursday (5PM CET), at Irchel Campus in Zürich and on Zoom.
Stay tuned for our next Seminar Series!

News and Blog

Sum of i^2: Interdisciplinary immunology

By Lorenz Adlung. Illustration by Anne-Gaëlle Goubet for SYIS.
I love immunology. Studying the immune system in all its complexity is thrilling and fascinating. It is challenging, but every day, I learn something new: Seeing things from a different angle. It is my firm belief that immunology is a research branch that offers, but also requires, particularly versatile perspectives.

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Gut Neuroimmunity – Teamwork makes the dream work  

By Jeremy Yeoh. Illustration by Anne-Gaëlle Goubet for SYIS.

One unpleasant aspect of the upcoming summer is the rise of undesirable insects (no offence to entomologists). The advent of the insect season brings upon us much suffering – mainly in the form of itchy and sometimes painful bites, causing pain and inflammation in the form of a red welt. Well, as the saying goes ‘no pain, no gain’ – this itchy bump is a coordinated effort by both the nervous and immune systems actively reacting to danger to protect us (by avoiding and preventing pathogen’s entry). While some people would think of pain as an annoying side effect, the nervous system can play a bigger role in influencing our immunity than one might think and possibly vice versa.

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Plasticity: An Identity Crisis

By Jeremy Yeoh. Illustration by Anne-Gaëlle Goubet for SYIS.

Have you ever felt like you don’t really fit in a box that was meant to describe you? Do you feel like both a Pisces and a Scorpio at the same time? To make our lives simpler, humans tend to categorize things into neat groups, whether it be ourselves, other humans or immune cells. However, in immunology, classification and categorization of cell identities are getting increasingly difficult as the numbers of different cell types that have been identified are getting out of hand with the advent of new technologies. This is getting even more problematic by the concept of plasticity in biology, creating a professional organizer’s worst nightmare.

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