The Swiss Young Immunologists Society (SYIS) aims to build a network of young immunologists in Switzerland to defend our interests and increase our visibility on National and European levels.

The SYIS is supported by the Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology (SSAI) and is part of the EFIS Young Immunologist Network (yEFIS).



The SYIS organizes the SYIS Annual Symposium, an event rich in science and networking! Young immunologists have the chance to learn about Swiss research in the immunological field, join interesting workshops and present their scientific work to their colleagues in a poster session. The SYIS successfully organized its first SYIS Annual Symposium that took place at the ETH Zentrum Audi Max on 23 May 2022. While we are working to organize our next symposium, you can have a look at last year’s program!

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SYIS Seminar series

The SYIS organizes a seminar series where young immunologists can hear talks about Science, Career and Soft-Skills, and interact with the speakers in a relaxing atmosphere. While the first SYIS seminar series took place in Zurich only, this year the organizers wanted to reach out to all scientists around Switzerland. Therefore, the 2022 SYIS Seminar Series is taking place in a different location everytime and it will always be streamed on Zoom. Don’t worry, the ingredients will be the same: science, networking, and fun!

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Sum of i^2: Interdisciplinary immunology

By Lorenz Adlung. Illustration by Anne-Gaëlle Goubet for SYIS. I love immunology. Studying the immune system in all its complexity is thrilling and fascinating. It is challenging, but every day, I learn something new: Seeing things from a different angle. It is my firm belief that immunology is a research branch that offers, but also…

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Gut Neuroimmunity – Teamwork makes the dream work  

By Jeremy Yeoh. Illustration by Anne-Gaëlle Goubet for SYIS. One unpleasant aspect of the upcoming summer is the rise of undesirable insects (no offence to entomologists). The advent of the insect season brings upon us much suffering – mainly in the form of itchy and sometimes painful bites, causing pain and inflammation in the form…

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The SYIS team consists of enthusiastic young immunologists that work together in order to continue building the society and host various events.

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