Would you like to be part of the Swiss Young Immunologists Society and have the chance to join and present at interesting seminarsnetwork and showcase your research? Then sign up now to become a member!
You can become a SYIS member if you:

  1. Are an early career researcher (<10 years after the PhD/MSc/BSc),
  2. Work on an immunology-related research topic, and
  3. Have a link to Switzerland (as part of the Swiss academic system and/or Swiss citizen).

As we have a close partnership with the Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology (SSAI), registration for the SYIS automatically means that you also register to become a member of the SSAI. This means you can benefit from SSAI advantages as well, which include:

1. Eligibility for the SSAI travel grant (CHF 700,- to attend (inter)national conferences)
2. Eligiblility to apply for the ACTERIA prizes and the Swiss Immunology Early Career Awards (up to EUR 150,000 in total)
3. Eligibility to apply for the SYIS Best Publication Award
4. Opportunity to attend the following events with a reduced registration fee:
– The annual SSAI conference
– Zurich Life Science Graduate school Annual retreats
– The World Immune Regulation Meeting (WIRM)
– The SYIS seminar series (Spring/Fall edition)
– The annual SYIS symposium
5. Dedicated oral and poster presentation slots and prizes for SSAI/SYIS members at the following yearly events:
– The World Immune Regulation Meeting (WIRM)
– The annual SSAI Conference
– The annual SYIS Symposium
– Additional events may be included during the course of the year

In order to sign up, you will need to enter two mentors into the registration form. In case you have difficulties finding mentors, Dr. Annika Hausmann (SYIS) and Prof. Christian Münz (SSAI) have kindly accepted to act as mentors for all current SYIS members.

To sign up to become a member of the SYIS and the SSAI, please follow this link:

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