The EFIS Young Immunologist Network (yEFIS Network) aims to gather all early career scientists in Europe working in Immunology. Within the different European Immunology Societies, self-organised Young Immunologist (YI) groups have arisen in the last years. However, there has been limited contact between them. The aim of this network is to bring all these YI groups together and build a European network to defend their interests on both a national and European level. EFIS provided the platform to start up this network and this is how in 2020 yEFIS Task Force and yEFIS Network were born.

Bringing together scientists, diagnostic laboratory specialists and physicians the Swiss Society for Allergology and Immunology (SSAI) plays a pioneering role in multidisciplinary biomedical progress. They establish new treatment methods and aim for scientific and medical excellence in our field. Their main tasks are to promote quality, research, education and collaboration by supporting our members and participating in national and international organizations.

The Swiss Institute of Allergy and Asthma Research (SIAF) is a department of the foundation Swiss Research Institutes for High Altitude Climate and Medicine Davos (SFI) and an affiliated institute of the University of Zurich and member of the Life Science Zurich Graduate School. SIAF performs applied, basic research in the field of allergies and asthma. Despite its small size, SIAF has a large impact in the field of allergies and asthma with greater than 40’000 citations of its publications, and an average of more than 44 citations per item. SIAF organizes an international conference, the World Immune Regulation Meeting (WIRM). 

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