18 November Seminar – The dynamics of antiviral immunity and insights from a science journalist

Spatial-temporal dynamics of antiviral immunity across stromal cell-underpinned niches

Natalia Pikor, IKSSG, St. Gallen

Science talk

Efficient priming and effector functions of adaptive immune responses require the optimal positioning and interaction of lymphocytes in their environment. The topology of immune cell interactions is steered by stromal cells, non-hematopoietic cells that provide niche factors to direct the homing, sustenance and interaction of immune cells. The stromal – immune cell interaction landscape has thus far been best described in secondary lymphoid organs. Here, we explore the role for stromal cells to orchestrate efficient antiviral immunity in the CNS following neurotropic coronavirus infection.

Science journalist – neither in nor out

florian fisch, horizonte magazin

career talk

Very early on during my biology undergraduate studies, I had two somewhat contradictory goals: I wanted to do real research and communicate science to a wider public. Would both become possible? Today I can say that I was lucky enough to be able to do both, even if both turned out differently than I initially thought. In my presentation, I will explain why journalism is not the same as explaining research results. And I will give you an insight into how we produce the Swiss research magazine Horizons.

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